About Us

mycellphonerepairman.com literally started out of a garage in 2015 fixing iPhones. As the business grew, it became necessary to expand, so the operation was moved in June 2016 to the shop we are in now. This new facility gave us a lot more space and allowed us to install a clean room to perform LCD assembly refurbishment. We now repair all Apple products: iPhone, iPads, iPods, all generations of Apple computers. We have added repair support for Samsung Galaxy Smart-Phones and can perform repairs on Personal Computers, both desktops and laptops.

Are capabilities now include board level repairs using our exclusive laser soldering workstation capable of soldering SMD/SMT components as small as 300 microns or about 12 thousandths of an inch. We also added a BGA workstation which allows us to replace ICs on circuit boards.

We are a small, community based repair shop located in Laguna Niguel, South Orange County, California. Our size allows us to personalize our engagement with our customers. As such, we can tailor our offerings to meet customer's unique needs. Since most of our business comes from referrals, we work hard to make sure you, as our customer, are completely satisfied and that your experience will motivate you to tell others about us.