Personalize Your Phone

Apple iPhone Conversion Suggestions

This is a small sample of suggestions for personalizing your phone with customized look. We can replace the back housing, buttons, and front glass. You can also add a front tempered glass protector that will give your phone a unique look while providing added protection. Give us a call to discuss how we can create a unique look for your iPhone.

Apple iPhone 6S Plus 24K Gold Housing with Diamond Crystals

This is an iPhone 6S Plus where we replaced the back housing with a 24 gold plated housing with diamond crystals imbedded throughout. This is some serious bling for those that like the attention.

Apple iPhone 6 Conversion to iPhone 10

This is an iPhone 6 back housing conversion to look like the newly released iPhone 10. This is not a case, it is the actual back housing. Comes in black and white.