mycellphonerepairman.com warranties all parts installed for a period of 90 days from the date of repair. mycellphonerepairman.com further warranties all labor associated with the repair. Labor is defined as the physical efforts, workmanship and time expended to make the repair. The Work Order shall be the source document for determining installed parts and warranty commencement and end dates. In the case of refurbished products such as iPhones, mycellphonerepaiman.com guarantees the device to be fully operational and free of failures except for those failures caused by accidental damage or modification as decribed herein.

Excluded from this warranty is accidental or unrelated damage. Failures of the device that are unrelated to the documented repair, including, but not limited to physical damage caused by dropping the device or by exposure to liquid. Modification to OEM OS such as jail-breaking or other unauthorized modifications will void this warranty. The entire obligation under this warranty by mycellphonerepairman.com and it's owners is the replacement of defective components under this warranty within the warranty period. mycellphonerepairman.com and and it's owners will not be responsible for incidental costs or losses such as interruptions to business, missed calls, etc.