The truth about cell phones that have been exposed to liquid.

There are many factors that influence the success of repairing a liquid damaged phone. For example:

  • Liquid type
  • Salt water
  • Clear drinking water
  • Sugary soft drink
  • Toilet water
  • Pool water
  • Dirty water
  • Beer/wine
  • Exposure, intrusion
  • Fully immersed, soaked
  • Spill, minor intrusion
  • Time
  • Other Factors

    The above factors and your quick actions can greatly influence the success of bringing a cell phone back to life after water exposure. Our unique process for restoring water damaged phones has been proven to work with a high success rate. Here are just some of the steps we take to bring phones back to life:

    *In most cases, the battery will need to be replaced.

    What to do:

    What not to do:

    Our Policy on Liquid Damage recovery:

    Our liquid damage recovery process includes a complete dismantling of the phone, inspection and cleaning of all internal parts and components, reassembly and testing. This procedure has proven very effective in resolving most problems caused by liquid intrusion.

    In the event your phone is not restored to working order after completing our liquid intrusion recovery process, and additional damage is not found, then there is no charge.

    Occasionally, however, additional damage is uncovered during this process. If this is the case, we will determine what additional actions and or parts are required and provide you with a quote. If you decide not to move forward with the additional repairs, we charge just the Liquid Damage Recovery price. If after completing the additional repairs, we are unsuccessful at restoring the phone, then there is no charge.

    ** The above guide is provided as a courtesy. Under no circumstance will or its owners be responsible for damage should you attempt any of the above recommendations. There is no guarantee that the above described actions will prevent permanent damage to you phone, us this guide at your own risk.